Gamma Technologies (GT) acquired the FEMAG software portfolio. FEMAG is an electromagnetic simulation solution for electrical machines based on the physical finite element method. It has been continually further developed and enhanced by ProFEMAG AG and Semafor Informatik und Energie AG, which are both based in Basel. The project was first launched at the Institute of Electrical Machines at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) in 1982. [Read More]

FEMAG tools

An Open-Source Python package for FEMAG:

  • Execution of FEMAG with FSL-files or model- and calculation parameters:
    local (single and multi-core, ZMQ), in a collection of computers(HT Condor) or in the cloud (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud),
  • Reading and converting of BCH/BATCH- and MCV-files,
  • Creation of FSL-files from model- and calculation-templates
  • Calculation of machine characteristic curves with analytical models,
  • Execution of parameter studies and multi-objective optimizations


INTENS is an integration platform that improves the engineering processes by making them more flexible, efficient and reliable. INTENS adheres to well known and established architecture patterns that lead to loosely coupled and highly maintainable application systems. The INTENS core architecture implies a clear separation between the presentation and the domain layer which includes the customer specific modules, the project data and the configuration. INTENS based systems can be run as pure desktop applications on Linux and Windows hosts or as a Web application in a Cloud enviroment being accessible by any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. [Read More]